Conquer the Online Marketplace

With so many advertising networks available, it can become tedious to manage placements. Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. works with the leading networks and platforms to provide the best performing placements. Gain access to incredible buying power based on your defined CPM, CPL or CPI objectives.

By trusting SMS with your online advertising needs, you have a single point of contact. Instead of working with ten different inventory and publishing sources, find ease in allowing our team to do the work for you. Our dedicated account managers provide an unparalleled experience.

Receive the “in-house” Treatment

Our approach to Online Advertising goes a step beyond the industry standard. We strive to act as an extension of your marketing team. Our clients often forget they are dealing with a third party marketer! We believe in a seamless approach, working with clients every step of the way to maximize their understanding, satisfy their specific goals, and help define new ones.

Empower Your Online Presence

The SMS Advertising team focuses on sophisticated media strategy, media buying, and campaign optimization. We closely monitor campaigns and through leading real-time bidding platforms, constantly optimize placements for the lowest rate possible. We empower your presence through:

  • Advanced targeting & re-targeting capabilities

  • Creative services

  • Including rich media ad formats

  • Leveraging buying power to drive down rates

  • Detailed reporting and analytics on all activity

  • Access to over 12 billion global impressions daily

  • Hands-on campaign management

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