A Growing Channel

Email Marketing continues to grow and it is no mystery why. Compared to other marketing channels, email is less expensive and provides a more immediate impact on sales. As mobile device usage continues to increase, so does the effectiveness of email marketing by allowing highly targeted campaigns to reach consumers anywhere at any time. Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. takes several steps to ensure the right prospects are receiving the right offers that can be easily acted upon.

The Right Audience

Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. offers approximately 100 million U. S. consumer email addresses. All of our emails have a corresponding postal record along with thousands of additional demographic and lifestyle attributes to allow for true- targeted multi-channel marketing. We will work with you to find the best target audience to drive the most value for your specific campaign.

The Right Technology

At Specialists Marketing Services, Inc. our email marketing experts have access to the top technologies in the industry. These technologies allow us to produce a unified message across all devices and constantly optimize a campaign based on real-time findings.

Email is not a once-and-done service which is why our team closely monitors all campaigns. Through analytics and evaluations we can make any necessary adjustments to ensure messages are delivered cleanly, are relevant to the audience, and lead to conversions.

The Right Approach

We understand that timing is everything…the time and day you send an email can be the difference between having your message read, and missing out on an opportunity.

  • Balancing the frequency at which you send messages is important. Send too many, your audience may become annoyed. But, send too little, and they may forget you.
  • Generating a significant open rate requires an attention-grabbing subject line. Our team is experienced in developing subject lines that resonate with your audience, and can test multiple subject lines to find the top performer for your campaign.
  • Developing email creative requires a high level of finesse and understanding of HTML practices and limitations. Each browser or email service handles HTML differently. By not catering to the specific behaviors of each, your email creative may not be seen in the way you intended.
  • Taking all measures to ensure your email campaign is CAN-SPAM compliant is critical. CAN-SPAM is a legislation passed in 2003 that protects consumers from receiving unwanted emails. Violating these rules could result in a fine up to $16,000 per consumer complaint.

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