Achieve Great Value Through Dynamic Solutions

B2B list marketing requires extensive knowledge of vertical markets, which can only be obtained from years in the field. Specialists Marketing Services, Inc.’s B2B team is comprised of industry veterans with an average 20 years of experience. Such experience allows our team to achieve great value through dynamic solutions. However, it is their passion for the B2B marketplace that truly sets our team apart.

The Power of B2B

When you consider that just one B2B acquisition can make or break a company, it is no wonder why so many marketers turn to our lists to drive their success. Any B2B marketer will tell you that landing an account opens the door to repeat purchases or additional buyers within the organization, making new B2B acquisitions an extremely valuable asset.

B2B Lead Generation

This B2B CPL program starts with the Business Intelligence Solutions Database and an email program that produces full Open and Click lead records from a client email campaign. For the cost of an email campaign an advertiser gets the Open and Click leads generated from that campaign as well as the organic benefits of the traditional email campaign. Campaigns can be targeted by title/job function, business type and company size. For more information download our Lead Generation Program guide.

Execute Your B2B Needs Flawlessly

The New York-based B2B team specializes in business and technology markets with expertise in:

  • List Management

  • Brokerage (Email, Postal, Phone lists)

  • Database Architecture and Construction

  • List Fulfillment

  • Email Marketing

  • Lead Generation

  • Data Append

From identifying the true economic buyer for a marketing campaign, to repositioning a managed list for maximum rental income, to conducting a fully integrated campaign – SMS has the knowledge and skill set to flawlessly execute all of your B2B needs with over 10 million email, postal and phone records in our Business Intelligence Solutions database.

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